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One of the things that concern newbie kayakers is the safety. If you want to be completely sure that your kayak won’t flip over, we suggest that you think about buying an outrigger. Kayak outriggers are designed to add to the stability, while not taking away any of the maneuverability of this type of vessel. Of course, this is only true if you get a quality kayak outrigger. In order to find one such, make sure to check our list of top 5 kayak outriggers!

All of the kayak outriggers in our list are made of high-quality materials and are designed in a way that they will provide you with maximum stability. What this means is that they won’t slow you down or have any other negative impact on your kayaking experience. Furthermore, all of these kayak outriggers are easy to install, as well as remove when you don’t need them anymore.

Another reason why we urge you to buy one of these 5 kayak outriggers instead of some others, is the fact that they are extremely durable. All of them are made of top-class materials, which is a guarantee of their durability. In fact, buying a good kayak outrigger is a lifelong investment, meaning that it’s definitely going to pay off. Still, this doesn’t mean that these 5 best kayak outriggers are expensive. On the contrary, these are among the most affordable of their kind.

So, with no further ado, here are 5 ultimate kayak outriggers. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a bad choice!

1.     Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System


With this stabilizing system installed on your kayak, you will have nothing to worry about flipping. In fact, you will even be able to stand up while kayaking, which is very useful for those who’re using this type of vessel for angling. If you’re worried that the outrigger system will affect your kayaking speed, we need to point out that Scotty designers paid a special attention to this. They made sure that this kayak stabilizer system does not slow you down.

Features of Scotty #302 Kayak Stabilizer System

The kit features two 30-inch-long inflatable pontoons that provide the stability for the kayak. In fact, you will be able to stand out in your kayak, without any worry about flipping over. This can be a great solution if you want to improve your angling rate.

The pontoons are very easy to inflate, something that doesn’t take more than just a few minutes in total. The kit also includes a pair of anodized arms of 28 inches in length. The package also includes mounts and rod holders.

The pontoons will provide your kayak with additional 30 pounds of buoyancy, which can be extremely convenient if you’re using it for fishing. Another great thing about this system is that all of its parts are made of high-quality materials, which are guaranteed to last for a long time. The pontoons, for example, are made of super-durable PVC, which is very tough to break.

Although this outrigger system is among the most expensive on our list, it still doesn’t mean that you’ll get bankrupt buying it. In fact, paying a few hundred dollars for such a superb stabilizing kid is definitely a smart move!


  • Provides advanced stability for your kayak
  • Adds 30 pounds of extra buoyancy
  • Made of super-durable materials
  • Comes with mounts and attachments you need to install the outrigger


  • Not the cheapest stabilizer on our list

2.     CanoeKayak Outrigger Stabilizer

The main reason why this stabilizing kit is on our list is the fact that its outrigger arms are adjustable. What this means is that you can lift them above the water when you don’t want to use them. This can be very useful as if you want to add speed to your kayaking, you can just lift the arms. On the other hand, when you’re looking for stability, just put them down onto the water surface.

Features of the Kayak Stabilizing Kit

Setting up the outriggers arms is pretty easy. You don’t need any special technical knowledge in order to be able to do this. All you need to do is follow the instructions from the manual. Furthermore, there’s no need for buying additional accessories, as this outrigger comes with all the installation hardware you may need.

Apart from being easy to set up, this outrigger is also great in terms of quality and durability. It’s made of high-quality materials, which are bound to last for a long time. What this means is that once you buy this stabilizer, you won’t need to think about it anymore.

The outrigger is designed to provide the stability for your vessel, as well as to improve its weight load capacity. The two outrigger hands will add about 60 pounds of extra buoyancy. This is something that will be highly appreciated by the fishermen who are looking for more weight capacity in order to store the fish they caught.


  • Adjustable outrigger hands
  • Easy to mount
  • Made of superb materials
  • Adds 60 pounds of extra buoyancy


  • Not the cheapest outrigger kit


If you are looking for a reliable stabilizer kit that’s very easy to install, our advice is to get this one. It’s also made of fine materials, which is a guarantee that it will serve you well for many years. On top of everything, the system will provide you with 60 lbs of additional buoyancy. For all of these reasons, this outrigger kit seems ideal for anglers.

3.     Inspired By Nature Kayak Outrigger

The kayak outrigger is made in the USA of the finest materials available on the market today. What this means is that you can be sure the stabilizing system is going to serve you well for years. In fact, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with this outrigger, due to the fact that it provides an unbelievable stability to your kayak, allowing you even to stand up, without any risk of flipping over.

Features of the Kayak Outrigger

The outrigger will provide you with extreme stability, something that can be crucial when going out angling. If you’re looking to catch a big fish, the stability of your kayak will be one of the most important things, especially if you like standing up while angling. Without a proper outrigger, you won’t be able to do it.

Another reason why this kayak outrigger is loved by anglers is the fact that it adds to the buoyancy. A few extra pounds of buoyancy can come in real handy if you’re planning to catch a lot of fish. Still, the thing that makes this outrigger really stand out is the quality of materials that it’s made of. Furniture-grade PVC was used, meaning that the chances it will rip are close to zero.


  • Provides superb stability of the kayak
  • Adds extra pound of buoyancy
  • Comes with the installation hardware
  • Made of super-durable materials
  • Very affordable


  • Not that easy to install


If you are looking for a super-durable stabilizer for your kayak, this outrigger is probably the best choice. It’s built to last for a long time, which in combination with a rather low price makes it a best-buy option.

4.     Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer Canoe w/ Clamps for easy on/off

Although this is the most expensive kayak outrigger on our list, it is worth every cent! Why? Because it will provide you with amazing stability, meaning that you can take your kayak anywhere, including ocean. On top of that, the system of outriggers will also provide you with extra pounds of buoyancy, allowing you to store more fish if angling is the reason why you’re into kayaking.

Features of Kayak Outrigger

The stabilizing system includes 2 Outrigger shafts that hold orange-colored floaters. The reason why this color was used is safety – orange floaters are very easy to spot even from a long distance. Apart from the items that make the stabilizing system, the kit also includes all the accessories needed for the installation. Speaking of the installation, this is something that can be done easily. All you need to do is follow the instructions from the manual.

The system will provide you with utmost stability, which means that you will even be able to stand up while angling, without any fear that you might flip over. On top of that, the outriggers will also add to the maximum weight load of the canoe. This is because the stabilizing system adds a few dozen pounds of buoyancy.

The final reason why buying this stabilizing system is a wise investment, is the fact that it’s made of super-quality materials. The outrigger is bound to last for a long time, something which is backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • 3-year warranty


  • The most expensive stabilizer on our list


The only downside of this kayak outrigger is the fact that it costs more than other items on our list. Still, we believe that this product is worth its price. It has everything you may wish for from an outrigger – it’s stable, adds to the buoyancy, and is made of long-lasting materials.

5.     Kayak Outriggers / Stabilizers w/ WHITE FLOATS

Whether you’re a newbie in the world of kayaking or you have plenty of experience, having a stabilizer set is always a good thing. It can come in handy if you want to take a rest and enjoy your surroundings – the outriggers will allow you to rest and relax, as there’s no worry that you might flip over. Furthermore, the stabilizing system will also enable you to stand up in the kayak, something that is very useful when angling.

Features of Kayak Outriggers

The main feature of the kayak outrigger set is the stability. Once you install these outriggers, you will make your kayak extremely stable, even if the weather conditions are bad. There’s no way your kayak will flip over, even if you take it on the ocean.

Apart from improving your kayak’s stability, these outriggers will also add to its buoyancy. If you are an angler, for example, this will be great news for you. With these outriggers installed on your kayak, you will be able to carry more fish.

If you’re still not convinced that buying this set of outriggers is the right thing, there are a few more things you need to know. First of all, the stabilizing set is very easy to install. It comes with all the necessary hardware for setting it up. On top of that, the materials used for these outriggers are very tough and durable, meaning that you will be able to use the set for a long time.


  • Extremely stable
  • Easy to install
  • Provide extra buoyancy
  • Made of quality materials
  • Bright orange color makes the outriggers visible from a long distance


  • We can’t find anything bad about this product


If you’re looking for the very best set of kayak outriggers, you might have found it! This stabilizing set will keep your kayak still no matter what. It will also add to the buoyancy, meaning that you will be able to put on extra load. The final reason why you should seriously consider buying the stabilizing system is the fact that all of the parts are made of high-quality materials.

Final Note

Safety is what matters the most when it comes to kayaking. So, if you’re a newbie, you can prevent your kayak from flipping over, by installing a pair of kayak outriggers. But, this does not mean that experienced kayakers should not do the same. On the contrary, a stabilizing system will provide you with the much-needed stability and extra buoyancy. This is something that can make your angling adventures much more fruitful.

Of course, all of this is only true only if you get yourself a pair of high-quality kayak outriggers. This is why our advice is to check the list above and take into consideration all of our suggestions before making the final choice.

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